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Man’s Brave Video Explains What It’s Like To Hide Depression


Doug Leddin has been living with depression for 10 years. Now, after a decade of suffering in silence, he’s decided it’s time to speak out.

Leddin, from Dublin, recently shared his story in a powerful video on Facebook. 

In the clip, featured below, he says: “If you asked my family and friends what they thought about me they’d probably tell you I’m a happy-go-lucky, positive, hard working and confident guy. But all that’s a bit of a lie.

“I’m living a completely different life inside. I’m living the life of someone who suffers immensely with depression.”

In the video, which was viewed more than 800,000 times within two days of being uploaded to Facebook, Leddin says mental health is hard for him to talk about. 

“But it’s not just me. It’s impossible for millions of other people to talk about it – and that’s the problem,” he says.

Leddin hopes that by sharing his story, he will inspire other people to speak up about their mental health and reach out to their friends and family for help.

Doug Leddin/Facebook
Doug Leddin

 He accompanied his video with a heartfelt status, which we’ve copied below:  

Leddin finished the post with a list of services dedicated to helping people with mental health issues in Ireland, including Console Ireland, Pieta House, Preventing Suicide and Self Harm,, Aware, Reach Out Ireland, Samaritans Ireland and A Lust For Life. 

If you’re looking for support in the UK, we’ve listed some organisations you may find useful below:


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