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Waiter Receives $1,000 Tip For $20 Bill In ‘Random Act Of Kindness’


A 19-year-old waiter has been left in shock after a kind-hearted customer left him a tip of $1,000 (£640).

Brendan Motill had only just started his job at Smokey Barque BBQ in Frankfort, Illinois when he was left the generous tip alongside a $20.31 bill.

The mystery customer wrote a note on the receipt and said that it was simply a “random act of kindness” to show that the world isn’t always such a “negative and violent” place.

After he received the tip, which was more than 50 times the bill, Motill told ABC 7: “My jaw dropped. I couldn’t do anything. I was in shock.”

The teen now hopes to use the money to fund a college course in accounting.

brendan motill

[H/T Metro]

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